Danger: Contents Fragile

The following is a quote from Carrie Muskat’s article on Cubs.com about Kerry Wood’s impromptu knee surgery.

"They’re not fixing anything, they’re taking a piece out," Wood said Friday. "We’re not in danger here."

Oh, is that all?  They’re just taking a piece out of your knee? 

Why does this always happen?  Why does the Cubs’ front office always deceive the media and the fans?  How is it even possible that Kerry Wood was progressing toward a first MLB start in late April and now he’s going under the knife for something completely unrelated to what he’s rehabbing from in the first place?  Why?  Someone tell me why?  Okay, someone besides Jim Hendry or Larry Rothschild tell me why.

I’ll tell you why.  It’s because God hates Cubs fans.  He doesn’t really hate the Cubs.  They aren’t the ones suffering.  They’re millionaires.  The real victims are people like me that were starting to believe that this season would be different than the last 90-whatever seasons.  Sure I’m only 26, but I’ve already lived a hard life as a Cubs fan.  2003 and 2004 took a lot out of me.  And just when I thought things might be turning, Kerry Wood needs knee surgery.  Couldn’t we just give him one of Wade Miller’s knees?  Don’t we have enough injured pitchers on the staff that we could use to create one good, healthy pitcher?

I was really excited about this season after yesterday’s game.  Zambrano looked good, Ramirez looked good, Cedeno and Murton looked good.  But leave it to Kerry Wood and Jim Hendry to start 2006 right where 2005 left off. 

I think they’re sitting on a Prior injury, and I hope I’m wrong.  If not, this could be another long year. 


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