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Turk Wendell, former Cubs "pitcher" and licorice-chewing eccentric, told Barry Rozner of the Daily Herald (suburban Chicago) that he believes Sammy Sosa used steroids. 

Turk Wendell also told Barry Rozner that the earth is round and that one plus one equals two.

After making his accusations, Turk excused himself to go brush his teeth and give up a few home runs.

For those who may not remember, Turk Wendell went after Barry Bonds through the media back in 2004.   During Spring Training, Wendell told a reporter that it "was clear just seeing his body" that Bonds was on performance enhancers.  Barry Bonds responded to Wendell’s comment by telling Turk Wendell (again, through the media) to "say it to my face."  Then Barry Bonds went back to his room, locked the door, put on a Backstreet Boys CD, and wrote mean things about Turk Wendell is his slam book.

Here’s the thing.  There’s not a doubt in my mind that Sammy Sosa was on steroids during the prime of his career.  And not only was he taking steroids, but he was also corking his bat.  When his bat exploded in 2003, part of my wanted to believe that he accidentally grabbed the wrong one on his way to the plate.  He seemed sincere enough in his post-game press conference.  That’s before he forgot how to speak English.

Now he’s no longer a Cub, so there’s no need to suspend disbelief any longer.  Some may choose to believe that all of Sammy’s monster home runs were due to hard work and supernatural skill.  And that’s fine.  But given all of the fallout from the Steroid Era, it’s difficult not to suspect Sammy Sosa of juicing. 

On a completely unrelated topic, Mark Prior is puzzled.  He doesn’t understand how he developed a shoulder strain on Tuesday that will most likely keep him out of the rotation until early May.  What’s more puzzling is that Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus knew that Mark’s shoulder was injured weeks before Prior himself knew it.    


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