What Do Mark Prior and Jerome Williams Have in Common?

Yesterday we learned from the incomparable Carrie Muskat (or, as I call her, Bernstein) that Mark Prior is "able to do everything except throw a baseball."

While this would appear to be good news, a series of google searches and a quick glance at the 2006 media guide gave me pause.  It turns out Mark Prior is a pitcher.  His value to the team lies solely in his ability to do the one thing he can’t do. 

One Cub that’s having a slightly better spring is Aramis Ramirez.  He’s hitting .600 right now.  I realize these stats don’t count, but he’s certainly locked in at the plate.  The last memory Cubs fans had of Ramirez before he came to camp was of him tripping over first base trying to leg out a grounder (like he’d been shot with an elephant gun) and then disappearing from the lineup for about a month.  Now he’s healthy, and he’s hitting for both average and power.  With Ramirez in the middle of a lineup that includes Pierre, Lee, Murton, Barrett, Jones, and 8 or 9 second baseman, the Cubs should be able to contend in the Central.  That’s assuming that they can tread water long enough to get Wood, Prior, and Miller back into the rotation.


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