You Can’t Spell Rusch without the HR

Glendon Rusch has served his team well the past two years.  He’s been an effective starter and an average reliever.  But that ship has sailed.  He’s completely awful now.  I realize Spring Training stats don’t count.  But let’s pretend they do for a minute.  Glendon has now strung together about 8 awful starts in a row.  At this point, I’d rather see Darren Baker take the ball every five days than Glendon Rusch.

It’s time to bring up Angel Guzman.  We’ve all heard about him.  He’s like the Yeti.  Or the Loch Ness Monster.  I’m not sure he’s real, but people swear they’ve seen him.  And Jim Hendry has placed the "untouchable" tag on him.  Though that’s usually the kiss of death (Patterson, Bobby Hill, Hee Seop Choi, etc.), Angel Guzman can’t be any worse than Glendon Rusch.  A rotation that includes Rusch and Jerome Williams is a rotation that will lose at least two out of every five games.  And if the Cubs determine that Angel Guzman isn’t ready to make a big league start, then they should just set up a tee at home plate every fourth and fifth game.




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