Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Chicago Cubs

Tonight I saw something I’ve never seen before.  And that’s really what being a Cubs fan is all about.

All-world first baseman Derrek Lee and the Cubs’ best lefty reliever, Scott Eyre, were both injured on the same play.  And it wasn’t like they ran into each other. They both hurt themselves in their own unique way.

Rafael Furcal pushed a ball up the first base line.  Eyre attempted to glove it and flip it to Lee all in one motion.  Unfortunately that motion also included 1) leading Derrek Lee into the runner, 2) throwing the ball 5 feet over Lee’s head, and 3) landing awkwardly on his right knee.  Furcal and Lee collided, and Lee grabbed his right wrist in pain.  You know, like Mark Prior grabbed his elbow and Nomar grabbed his nether region last year.

Derrek Lee appeared as if he was going to stay in the game, but trainer Mark O’ Neil ran out onto the field to remind Derrek that he is, in fact, a Cub.  So Derrek walked to the dugout with a dejected look on his face, holding his wrist.  Maybe it’s bruised, maybe it’s broken.  Who knows?  One thing’s for sure, there’s definitely "no time table for his return."

While this was going on, Scott Eyre was stretching out his right leg.  He hurt it trying to recreate the Jeter to Posada in the 2001 ALDS underhanded flip play.  The one big difference, Derek Jeter isn’t an overweight lefthanded pitcher.  Eyre tried to throw some practice pitches, but he too left the game.  Lord knows when he’ll be back.

Good times.

By the way, why did Michael Wuertz’s jersey say "Aardsma" tonight? 

Edited at 1:30 (gotta love the west coast games). . .

Okay, so we won.  And it was a great come from behind victory.  And even though Ronnie Cedeno most likely concussed someone in the 8th row, he did come up with the big hit and a huge diving catch to end the game.  If I were Ron Santo, I’d give him the Chevrolet Player of the Game. 

They’re calling Lee’s injury a "sprain."  Naturally the xrays are inconclusive.  I don’t think the Cubs really have an xray machine.  They just shake the Magic 8 Ball when someone gets hurt.  Regardless, it sounds like Lee’s injury isn’t too severe. 

Scott Eyre was diagnosed with "having uncool facial hair."  He’ll be back soon too.




    That play was amazingly awful, just about as bad as could possibly be scripted.

    Why is it that all of young pitchers just can’t get a key out this has been going on since Farnsworth. These hard throwing youngsters that have great “stuff” and get ahead with two strikes and then end up getting an 0-2 or 1-2 pitch drilled. Of course they don’t get those counts until they’ve already walked one or two.

    Thank goodness that our veteran relievers can get some outs and that Ronny can catch better than he throws. The Cubs showed alot coming back this game hopefully these 3 innings are all they have to play without Eyre and Lee.

  2. SomeBallyard

    I’ve been watching this happen the the Cubs for twenty years. I would have missed this had it not been for your blog. Keep blogging.


    So, spring 2007. Wood and Prior are back, Zambrano is good for another year. Pinella is at the helm. Good luck Lou. Now if somehow the troops can hit base hits instead of always going for the wall the win column might just show some improvement

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