Je suis désolé

Jacque Jones had this to say after his game winning three-run home run against the Marlins Monday night:

"I’m angry right know, you know what I mean?  It’s almost funny.  I’m not confused at all.  I’ve seen friends go through it.  Sammy Sosa hit 60 home runs three years in a row, went into a little slump, and . . . hey, like I said earlier, they have a right to voice whatever opinion they want to voice.  But it’s not going to make me play any better.  It’s not going to make me play any worse.  I’m just going to play the game the way I know how."

I can only take Jacque’s comments to mean that he visits this blog regularly.  He must be one of the five people that does so.  And so I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to Jacque and his fragile ego. 

Jacque, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry you can’t get on base at least once a game.  I’m sorry you swing so hard you almost fall down.  I’m sorry you only have 6 hits so far this season.  I’m sorry Chicago Cubs fans don’t have the same level of passion and intensity as those baseball junkies in Minnesota.  I’m sorry you have a three year contract.  I’m sorry you will never hit for a decent average.  But most of all, I’m sorry that booing you is not going to make you play better.  However, because you said it’s not going to make you play worse, I think Cubs fans can now continue to boo you with a clear conscience.  Keep swinging for the fences, Jacque.

Last night Carlos Zambrano got so mad after striking out, he broke his bat over his knee.  And that got me thinking . . .

If Mark Prior had half the heart and determination as Carlos Zambrano, he’d be making his fourth start for the Cubs tonight instead of throwing batting practice in Arizona.  After almost three years of hearing Larry Rothschild, Dusty Baker, and Jim Hendry cover for Mark Prior, Cubs fans are starting to figure it out.  Mark Prior can’t get on the mound.  Not because his body won’t allow it.  He can’t get on the mound because his mind and his will won’t allow it.  And apparently his pride doesn’t see fit to intercede.  All that potential, all that ability, and none of Carlos Zambrano’s and Greg Maddux’s drive to excel. 

The Mark Prior situation makes you appreciate Greg Maddux and Carlos Zambrano even more.  Maddux will take the ball every four or five days, like he has for almost two decades.  And Carlos Zambrano will do everything in his power to win.  Meanwhile Mark Prior bides his time in Arizona, rehabbing from an injury that he may or may not have actually suffered.   



  1. Reid

    Agreed. Especially about Prior. Then again, that can’t be the whole reason. I think part of it is that Larry and Jim (certainly not Dusty,) are afraid of letting Prior back, because if they do, he’ll probably find a way to get hurt. And when he does, it’s on them. Who said circular logic doesn’t work?


  2. Ryan

    I think that’s accurate as well. Part of Prior’s problem is the way he was treated by the front office in Spring Training 2004.

    Prior might still come back and contribute. Or he might come back and get hurt immediately. Who knows? I just wish he’d hurry up.

  3. Rob

    Jacque Jones said nothing that I actually didn’t agree with. Us fans had to know what we were getting with this guy before the season started. A guy who isn’t going to hit for a high average, a guy who strikes out alot, and will hit about 20 HRs. If anything they should boo Jim Hendry for signing this guy for 3 years.

  4. Ryan

    Oh yeah, this one’s definitely on Hendry. I agree with that. I’m not sure why we didn’t just re-sign Burnitz if that was the other option.


    even though this is months later somethings never change. jones has obviously picked up his performance lately but i have to ask—sept 11 houston top of the 11th bases loaded two on walks the 8th and 9th cub walks jones comes up ball 1 way outside ball 2 way inside lets stop and think now, back to little league, the manager yelling “walks as good as a hit” everyone in baseball knows that in that situation YOU HAVE TO TAKE A STRIKE needless to say jones flies out on the next pitch. bottom of the inning houston takes their first walk of the nite and guess what? he scores within 5 minutes of walking and houston wins.

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