Bad Times

It’s not a whole lot of fun to be a Cubs fan right now. 

Last night the Cubs managed one run against Tony Batista.  Read that again.  And if that’s not bad enough, they just split a series with the Pirates…at home…and they lost the second game 8-0.  To the Pirates. 

Derrek Lee’s hurt, more than half of the rotation is made up of minor leaguers, and either Neifi Perez or John Mabry are now starting every game. 

Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, I read this in today’s Sun-Times:

"Pitching coach Larry Rothschild said Prior is battling food poisoning that he picked up here in Arizona. Rothschild added that Prior will resume his throwing program once he is able, but no one can be certain right now when that might be and how long it will take him to feel at full strength again."

Food poisoning?  If a cold can put Prior out for four months, how much time will he miss now?  And does anybody care anymore?  Remember when we had "Prior Watch"?  We genuinely cared about him getting better and couldn’t wait to see him return to the rotation.  That seems like a long, long time ago.  Good luck with your food poisoning, Mark.  That’s an illness from which most 25-year-old "athletes" never fully recover.




    Jacque Jones needs to learn the basics of base running! How does someone get doudled off second on line drives to left field TWICE in THREE DAYS??? Jacque – the ball HAS TO hit the GROUND!!!

  2. Reid

    Haha… good point. But you know, is it really food poisoning? Maybe it’s a shoulder or elbow problem causing symptoms that just appear to be food poisoning-like. I bet Prior will throw on the side before his next start, and everything will be ok. It won’t just be a regular bullpen session though, they’ll probably be counting balls and strikes and stuff, you know? Prior will probably be healthy in time for opening day, he’s just experienced a minor setback…

    Yeah right.



    Forget Prior and forget Wood. Most of all, forget Baker and Rothchild. Could we PLEASE have a new manager and ptching coach?


    Why in the world would the Cubs sign STEVE TRACHSEL? The guy is a major HAS BEEN, can’t pitch, and will LOSE every game he is utilized. WHEN WILL PINELLA REALIZE THAT????? GET RID OF HIM!!!! NOW…BEFORE HE REALLY BLOWS IT FOR US!!!!!!!!!

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